To have the gift of being an artist, you first need the ability to change your "perspective" on life for your greater good.

Born and raised in an artistic household Tiffany grew up around all things Nautical. Seascape artists such as Walfreido (currently in Wyland Galleries) and Dave Dalton (Simic Galleries) were consistently present at the Gallery her mother owned and lived in part time through-out her older child-hood years.

 As a young adult she apprenticed under Joe Curtis and her father Terry Wells who are well-known muralist and commercial sign painters here in the Bay Area working with various companies/organizations such as “The Boardwalk, various restaurant chains, and some city parks. Between mural jobs, Tif led children to their imagination by teaching for three years at Susan Gallery Art School (Susun, her Mother). Projects and crafts intertwined with unlimited imagination of adventure and role play she became inspired through storytelling. SusunGalleryArtschool. is now in Hawaii after teaching thousands of children in Santa Cruz county for 30 years.

She was intrigued by a man named Papa Joe who owned a tattoo shop down the street began mostly because of the wild stories he could tell. He mentored Tiff on how it was done. Tiffany has been a tattooist since 2001. Later she opened up her own studio in 2005 called The Tat Shack, gaining her a whole new style or art and long list of great clients who of course have their own stories. Tiffany was captain of that ship until 2008 when the market crashed.

The tides turned and she is now 5 classes away from a BA in ANIMATION/ VFX at the Academy of Art University. She learned to take stories into motion. She further her studies with, Kathleen Quaiffe (Wave animator), Suzanne D’arcy, Thomas C. Starnes Jr., and some fellas at the Steambot team, which inspired her to excel in things she never thought she could. She learned various types of experimental animations as her ideas began to move. For 5 years at AAU she mastered Corel Painter, PS, Aftereffects, TV paint, Maya, Stop Motion, Filming tricks, Graphic Design an all things tech.

  "Helping others design and execute an image that captures the audience on a level that connects companies to their clients vision is always the goal.", she says.

Tiffany has had exhibits at the Art League, the Michael Angelo Gallery, and the Haleiwa Art Festival and 1050 Folsom in San Fransisco.  She has done volunteer work for the Santa cruz Art Council.

Tif is currently animating and developing a children’s book that was inspired by those around her. And she is working as a Commercial subcontractor as a tattooist, muralist, portrait artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and animator.


Inspirational animation I get inspired by clips like "Rise above Plastics" by the surf rider foundation, the award winning animation “Song of the Sea” or “The Secret of NIHM” backgrounds and effects take me away to another place. Or even "the old mill" by Disney. I remember sitting down listening to Kakai Ketaki speak as he painted. That man could move mountains with a concept. And watching it develop was like watching a movie script unfold in his head. Big aloha to the man. Listening to Eryka Badu always puts me in the mood to paint and my emotions come out onto the canvas. I'm am all about vocals and sometimes she jumps into my body and Haha, well I turn into some form of her. Playing the guitar helps to get the inspiration going too. No one does it quite like Boris Vallejo. Shout out to the Steambot team- it was such a blessing working next to you guys for a week in New Orleans. Best trip I've ever been on. What a trip.