2D Animation


I wanted to animate an old dried up riverbed theme.  There is a lot going on in this mining town.  Robert Caple worked with me on this one.  Once the perspective and design were done I put it into Photoshop to create three different main layers.  Foreground, middle ground and background.  I chose a purple and yellow palette.  Then I put these into Aftereffects keying their positions. 

I was handed an old Mattel radio file and asked to animated to it.  I put together a story board idea and put my traditional hand drawing skills to work.  Once the cap guns, bullets and banners were inked in sketchbook they were ready to animate with fades, layer burns, and light bursts.

Here are some parts I composited....



"POP's & Lucy" is about an ol timer who found himself in a situation with the baker across the street.  Another on I worked on with David.


Here are some of the props and turn arounds. 

I have a lot of walk cycles and short clips I worked on with David Netherly.  Ive been animating this hula girl and have her in thee coolest environment.  Cant wait till she is finished!  Ill share soon!