Designs for your Business


All graphic design work available by checking out in the Shop tab on the left.  I work with you personally from sketch, preliminary, and then final design. References are great to have ready! And you can also email me at
This is a collection of art-work I have done over the years for businesses that want to advertise their artistic flare.   You may want to just start with a logo and then later make poster-art or even animate the idea to your audience through social media.    
Here is my Personal Business logo for my Tattoo shop in Colfax, Ca. Below you can see it hand painted on the store front window on South Auburn St. 
Double sided signs with two hanging underneath I designed and pained in 2015. Now the Laundry mat is noticed.
An Anniversary Gift to a Beautiful Wife

Oil Paint on stained redwood panels.

Wedding signage for locals. 


Registered Nurses of Santa Cruz

Logo Tee Shirt Vectors

Mountain Store District
MSD Logo for Tees and more Located in Santa Cruz 
Mrs Loud's Kitchen
Goodies can be ordered online. She is the Baker @Cannacruz
Trout Farm Inn
A family establishment for decades.  One of the best places to go for live entertainment by pool side service and a place to rest. My favorite.
Saints Cruise Logo
Burning Man 2017
Here is the 2017 sky gear and logo for 2017
Burning Man 2015 
The burning man skydive club organiser called me up asked me to design their graphics for year 2015. He discus with me a little about the company and said the theme was "house of mirrors". They liked the steam punk thing, and anything that had to do with well,.... a burning sky.  So I drew up some sketches. They decided on the guys face and the lower left one, yet modified.  
This was the final for a poker chip front and back. Gifted to those who might want to jump.
They print out these on Business cards as your Plane ticket. Double sided.

Here are the thank you cards, designed so they can put a little personal note on the back.
And here is some printed out.
Utopia Tattoo Shop
All Original Media in Oakland and Santa Cruz. Tee Design.
Done by a series of sketches, then a preliminary and finalized with the director of AO 
Pleasure Point Sweatshirt Designs
Tee Shirt Vecor Art
 Hours Sign
Charlie Browns ~ Native Outlaw BBQ
He brings the soul.  Hand Pained banner on canvas to hang for BBQin at festivals
Christmas Card for the Santa Cruz Art Council
Hand Painted Skate decks as signs at your business.  "Entrance", "Order here", "Pick-up", "Coffee Tea & Smoothies"?
Steamers Lane logo
Te shirt logo for Pleasure Point Clothing co.
Pork Wind & Fire Logo
(and the bridge of gods)
Water Zombie Fun
All hand painted poster-art.  Great for advertising an event or idea through iconiography.
Personal Skate Deck design
These guys are only 19 bucks! and come with shocks.

Soon I'd like to use mix media animation through compositing to create "Animated Designs", or "Animated Advertisements".