Art Work

 This collection is mainly oil on canvas.  The game industry has taken over the majority of our lives with so many strange creatures and ideas its tough to not get enveloped within the new worlds us artists create.  


Oculus 2014
 11"x 16" Oil on Canvas.  Eye of an octopus.

RIP JAY 2012
Oil on canvas 2012.  He inspired all walks of life leaving mojo everywhere he went. Achieving an impressive style at Mavericks while touching many with the story he left behind.  This was done during the filming of Chasing Mavericks
Angels Birth 2012 
Oil on Canvas.  5ft x 3 ft.   The wasteland below is in extreme contrast behind the drop of "water womb" ( I call it). In a world of chaos its nice to know angels are still being born.
 Re~lease me 2007  
Acrylic and oil on Canvas, Approx 5f'x 3 1/2' . I did this one fast.  I hardly ate. 
 D. Ray White interpretation. Sold Oil on Canvas.
"The Dancing Outlaw" 2018
Sea Witch
18 x 22  Oil on Canvas
Hair whipping around in the car on a very long road trip while listening to roots rock reggae I swear there was an entity on my head lashing my hair around in rhythm, perfectly in-sync with the beat. 
Speacial Commision of a innocent Princess
Oil on Canvas 2018



Troy of Gold Run 2018 10"x14" Oil on Canvas

Tiffany @Paint Night @ "STRIKES" bowling all in Rocklin, Ca  
16X22 Acrylic on Canvas.  
Don Agustin 2014 
Oil on Canvas, about 11" X 17". Still life.  This was done in my basement on my roll top desk.

Grampa's Weather Gauge 2014
"Ha" 2007 
Oil on Canvas 5' x 3'.  Ha" means the breathe of life in Hawaiian.  As there are whales, there are mermaids.

 Cheetah Study 
Watercolor study.  My favorite cats. Did you know their claws don't retract, and they are endangered? Amazing animals who often are alone.  Much like painters.


I enjoy a lot of my time at Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz.  The Clydesdales are amazing.  
I love copper. Oil on canvas.  I donated this one to the women's crisis center.
Cut Avacado oil on canvas
2013 Watercolor Pens