Tiffany Wells Tattoos

Tiffany Wells is currently working at Gold Country Tattoo in Colfax, Ca.


‘The Knight who banished Adam and Eve to Hell held the blue glowing Sword.’
Designed and tattooed by Tif

‘Inspiration for America’
Designed and tattooed by Tif

‘Traditional Samuri’

Designed and tattooed by Tif 

‘Know When to Hold ‘em, Know when to Fold em’ 

Life is a Gamble. Designed and Tattooed by Tif


 After Covid and many other trying times and making sure we stay safe, I decided to invest in a mobile tattoo shop. I service the Santa Cruz and Auburn, Ca. area. Certified with my BBP and passing as a medically coded vehicle, the Ambulance is made for comfort and relaxation.


‘Memorial for Dad’

Tattooed and designed by Tif


‘Octopus designed and tattooed by Tif.

‘Viking Ship’

Designed and Tattooed by Tif

‘Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Say no Evil Skulls’

Designed and Tattooed by Tif

Inspired by the Romantic Period. Moments Māori Designed by Tif

Celestial Sleeve Designed by Tif 


A memorial for Dad. Ashes shot off the Mountain of Lovers Leep, Ca.


My Best Buddy Sage. 


"Whom shall I send?, Here I am send me" 

Unknown fallen soldier being taken to this Corner, Mr. Kane

 Stagecoach Designed by Tif


Country Girl Sleeve Designed by Tif


Philipino Eagle


Designed by Tif Falcon
Angels Sleeve Designed by Tif
Legend of the Pheonix and the Dragon designed by Tif
The Story of Persius soon to be finished. Desined by Tif

Watercolor flower Designed by Tif


Soldiers Cross Designed by Tif 
    Compass designed by Tif

Cyn Currie, Sky Dive Athlete
Fire Capitan 30 Years
A great Dad, husband, Hero and my good friend Jim Palmer. His first Tattoo. Before  he passed his whole upper body was covered. His Daughter and Wife got their first tattoos by me at his home while on Hospice. They got the Scroll on his Forearm which translates to “family’. 

 Butterflies Designed by Tif