This is the family business. Through trials and tribulations. Dad was more like being raised by a Grandfather, from Montana, who served in the military. But he revolutionized the sign business in America and some may say he is the best. The Ed Hardy of Signs. Below we have a job which may captivate you. Too many photos too look at maybe but if you have a keen eye for things you’ll see it’s all the same establishment. 

Nostalgia Motors

Out of the many SIGNS Terry Wells did this was amongst my favorite. So when he Passed I named my boat ‘Millions of Memories’ in memory of him. 

‘This is the original sign shop the parents owned on Portola Ave, in Santa Cruz across the street from now a bar restaurant named ‘Suda’. Still abandoned since we vacated that establishment in 1993 soon after the earthquake of 89.

The Sun Shops sign Was filmed in the Movie “Lost Boys’ and is still there today. ‘Surf City Grill’ is located right at the entrance of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. 
The Artwork behind the historical ‘Giant Dipper’ camera insert can be seen in many homes across the world.

The Cut outs done for the Warf was an iconic part of his Career. From Pluto measuring your height at the Pirate Ship Ride for right if passage to the cut outs of festivals for ‘Woodies on the Warf’ and more.

“Screaming Images’ cut outs