Digital Illustrations


Whether or not you are an author looking for a book illustrator/animator for your story, a game designer looking for a idea, or a musician looking for Cover art/animation FX- Your idea of a t-shirt graphic, a sticker, or event poster.  Most of these ideas are from the top of my Head.  Most of them done in Photoshop.  Each one is available to buy as a print. Sometimes its just nice to get a little inspiration. 


The Theater

I love this one.  I guess you would relate it to the average freak show genre.  This started out as a downward view perspective layout (meaning we are looking up).  Her body turned out very successful being such a difficult point of view.  I sketched out the creature and uploaded him to PS then little by little he became the ring master of some sort. I always seem to come up with stranger things.


Somebody say come back,come back baby come back, ~Erykah Badu
Erica Has always been a huge Inspiration to me. The Queen Bee

5 Card Story Concept

Tifs visual take of Herb Kawainui Kanes book, Pele, The Goddess of Volcano.

This is the unfamiliar story of Pele the Volcano God who brings destruction to the Island because of a love affair between her mistress and her sister.  This is a preplanned storyboard for an animation proposal.

The Kauiian Prince meets He'e aka and falls for her dance.
Little does he know Pele has eaves dropped on them and goes into an angry rage, so the tale tells.
Bringing destruction to the land and the new lovers.
He comes back after-death, becoming a god and a long battle rebirthing the land to make amends with the goddess.


Im still in the process of painting this but the layout is taken care of mostly.  The guy in the background looks a little large for his placement, only slightly though for this one point perspective. Frazetta inspired.


Noah's Art Concept

Here I did a little creative twist on a Noah's Ark theme.  My personal perspective on the theme. Perspective is so powerful.  Naturally for me its tough to get my head out of the waters, so I had to add submarines and sea-monsters.....right? Maybe ill get to refining them someday.
Noahs Ark Concept

Misc designed and painted by Tif

‘Dumb Love’
Designed and Digitally Painted by Tif.

Skull study.

Playing with textures can turn you into digital artist. Skulls have so many little fibers and textures the more the better.  Freehand fun.  If I'm lucky ill get someone to model