Brief Family History

Trying to uphold my fathers commercial art reputation has not been the easiest form of occupation. One project at a time not knowing what is next and teetering on ladders can be quite trying on the physical as you uphold the mental art skills. 


My dad Painted for the Beach Street revival car show of 1986 Beach Boardwalk.  Terry Wells hand painted cars on wood. Rest easy.

Amazing murals in the Bay Scott laundry mats of Santa Cruz, CA Terry Painted them all. 


Welcome to Capitola by Joe Curtis & Terry Wells

Ferrari Ranch in Pascadero, bv Joe Curtis and Terry Wells

Draft Horses By Joe Curtis


Joe and I working on our first Mural together.  The old Pacific coast Chrysler on Soquel Ave

My young apprentice pose.  Painting the beaver on the surfboard. Haha.


Whale City Bakery

The Lost World, Camp Evers Mural in Scotts Valley, Ca. By Terry Wells

The Ave Cafe by Tiffany Wells. Finally my own projects here and there.

Rollins Lake Realty Mural on Hwy 174 solo project by Tif.